State of the art

Unlike today's cloud-based IoT solutions, ThingsPro leverages the power of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) to make your IoT device communication more secure.


Advanced IoT messaging protocol

ThingsPro has built a topic-based messaging tool to ensure every device to device and device to cloud communication can achieve a state proof with the DLT network. All transactions can are recorded and signed to ensure tamper-proof for future audits.

Integrate the power of cloud

ThingsPro differentiates itself from other blockchain-based companies to integrate its product with existing cloud services as much as possible. For example, ThingsPro doesn't need to store data in the expensive and slow blockchain network to help our customers reduce costs and increase system performance. It achieves 10x-100x better performance than most of the blockchain solutions on the market, and still, without losing the benefits of decentralization and security.

Blockchain Agnostic

Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Technologies are still not widely accepted by enterprises globally, and the quality varies. Moreover, regulations become a dominant "blocker" in deploying blockchain technologies in different counties. ThingsPro takes care of all the hassles of blockchain for our customers so that they can focus on the real value-added activities with IoT.