2019 Summer Idea & Prototype
  • Concept Generation
  • Prototype development
2019 Sep Kickoff
  • Won 1/30 Apps to be launched with Hedera global OA
  • Project EVEC was officially kicked off
2019 Oct Validation Lab
  • Selected to join Yes!Delft Incubator in the Netherlands
  • Business validation
2019 Nov Patnership with T-Mobile Futurelab
  • Co-create the concept to use distribtued IoT technology to empower 5G in an economical way
2019 Dec Grand finishing 2019
  • Selected to join Hedera Startup boost program
  • Agree to start pilot project to test the product in 2020 with major Oil&Gas company
2020 Jan Winner T-Mobile 5G lab
  • As technology partner, we help EvacRroid win the 1st prize of the 5G Lab of T-Mobile
2020 Feb Angle Investment
  • Received first external financial Investment
2020 Mar Rebranding - Things Protocol is born
  • A stronger re-shaped team!
  • External advisors join the A team
2020 Q1 MVP Development
  • Updated blockchain architecture
  • Front UI development
2020 Q2 Project validation
  • ThingsPro is going to be tested with our customer
2020 Q3 Service Release Beta v0.1
  • ThingsPro Device Management Beta v0.1 release
2020 Q4 More Operational
  • More PoC projects with Smart Meter, smart grid companies
  • Open Source Announcement