ThingsPro Device Management Application

Every IoT solution needs a device management application. ThingsPro can be deployed solely or integrated with your existing IoT solution to provide a full life cycle device protection.


Solution landscape

It chains up both IP-connected IoT devices and non-IP connected low power devices to indirectly or directly connect to the cloud. A full device life cycle from pre-deployment, deployment, operation/maintenance, and decommission is covered.

Secure E2E device & data protection

ThingsPro offers autonomous device security (device self-generated credential management) and secure IoT messaging tool to make sure that:

  • Device identity can be authenticated appropriately
  • Device to device communication is encrypted
  • Cloud to device commands is protected and verified
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    Easy integration

    To better support enterprise customers, ThingsPro committed to supporting:

  • containerization for easy deployment
  • API-driven for integration with other enterprise services
  • Customization on managed cloud services' integration