Atonomous Device Security

ThingsPro empowers every IoT device to run independently, fully autonomous, with their own credentials never leave the device.

Device Life Cycle Control

From pre-deployment to decommission, we let you monitor and control the entire life cycle of your digitial assets.

Empower Your Cloud & Big Data

ThingsPro seamlessly integrates with your cloud platforms so that you can still leverage the power of Big Data and cloud computing.


We help you better prepare for the connected world

We will soon be surrounded by billions of devices (41 billion by 2025) in our lives, however, the majority (70-80%) of the devices today remain insecure. This not only leads to data privacy issues, but also to device security breaches and attacks that could endanger lives.

Our redesigned Internet-of-Things architecture built on (multi) Distributed-Ledger-Technologies (DLT) ensures full trust among devices and humans.

Things Protocol fills the gap for ALL the existing cloud-based IoT solutions. Comparing to other blockchain/IoT solution, the performance of ThingsPro has increased ~ 10x-100X without giving up the benefits of security and decentralization.